March 22, 2018

How To Redeem McAfee Retail Card –

McAfee is one of the top companies that offers the online security solutions to its users of different platform like Mac, iOS, Windows and Android, so as to allow it’s users to connect to the internet without having any risk of online threats or cybercrime. The entire McAfee Activate product keeps the device and data of the users safe and secure against all the online threats like viruses, spyware, malware, and many more such cyber attacks. Thus, to shield the users’ device, the users need to download, install and activate the McAfee product to their device.

How to get the McAfee Product?

All the McAfee products can be downloaded to the devices of the users by using either of the two methods or modes detailed below:

  • Online Method:

In the online method, the users require a proper internet connection (wired connection is more preferred) for downloading the desired McAfee product to their device. For downloading the McAfee product by using the online method, follow the stepwise procedure detailed below:

  1. Visit the official website of McAfee by using the web browser installed on the device.
  2. Now, tap the “Products” option from the main page of the website.
  3. After this, the users will be directed to the “Products” page of the website that displays all the McAfee products available to them.
  4. From this page, manually select the McAfee product that best meets or fulfills the requirements of the users.
  5. After selecting the McAfee product, the users will be directed to the next page that shows product description.
  6. Now, go through this product description so as to ensure that the selected McAfee product is compatible with the system of the users.
  7. After getting ensured, tap the “Buy Now and Download” button.
  8. Now, the users will be asked to either login to the McAfee Account (if already had an account) or create a new one (if not yet created).
  • For signing in to the McAfee account, enter the email address and password of the McAfee account on the sign in page. And then, click the “Sign in” button.
  • For creating a new account, click the “Create a new one” option. And then, fill the sign up page with all the required details.
  1. After signing in to the McAfee account, the users will be directed to the payment page. On the payment page, choose any of the payment modes like PayPal as per the convenience of the users.
  2. After making the payment of the selected McAfee product, click the “Download” button.
  3. Now, an email will be retrieved to the users’ email address that contains a link. And by utilizing this link, the users could download the McAfee Setup to their device.
  4. By default, the McAfee setup will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder of the device, unless the location is changed by the users, when prompted.
  • Offline Method:

In the offline method, the users need to visit the nearby retail shops for purchasing the desired McAfee product that they want to install on their device. This purchased McAfee offline pack consists of CD that contains the McAfee Setup. By following the stepwise procedure detailed below, the users can easily download the McAfee product by using the offline method to their device:

  1. Firstly, insert the CD of the McAfee offline pack to the CD/ DVD drive of the system.
  2. After this, explore the CD so as to initialize the installation process.
  3. Wait till the McAfee Setup gets successfully installed to the device. The installation process will take a few minutes to get completed.

Contact the McAfee Customer Support on the McAfee toll-free number, if you face any difficulty while performing the aforementioned steps of getting the McAfee product to the device.

How to install the McAfee Product?

For installing (i.e. making the device ready for the proper execution of the downloaded McAfee product) the McAfee products to the device, the users need to follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Open the location where the McAfee setup has been downloaded by the users.
  2. Now, select the McAfee setup file, by double clicking on it.
  3. And then, tap the ‘Yes’, ‘Next’ or ‘Continue’ button (as per the version of the operating system installed to the device), when prompted.
  4. After this, the installation process will get initiated on the device.
  5. Now, wait till the McAfee product gets successfully installed to the device.
  6. Once the installation process gets completed, click the “Finish” button.

For any help regarding the aforementioned steps of installing the McAfee product, call the McAfee helpline number.

How to activate the McAfee Product?

Without considering the method adopted by the users to download the McAfee product, the users need to activate the McAfee product so as to ensure that the setup is installed to the device of authorized users only. For completing the process of McAfee Activate the users require McAfee Activate Product Key that is made available to its users in either of the two forms listed below:

  1. In the order confirmation emails of the McAfee (if purchased via online method).
  2. In the form of McAfee Retail Cards attached at the back of the McAfee offline product.

The users could easily activate their McAfee product by using either of the two methods detailed below:

  • Activation via McAfee User Interface:

Follow the stepwise procedure detailed below for activating the McAfee product by using the McAfee User Interface:

  1. Launch the McAfee product on the device by tapping the ‘M’ icon on the desktop.
  2. From the McAfee user interface, tap the “gear” icon (i.e. Settings icon) displayed at the upper rightmost corners.
  3. And then, go to the “Activation” section from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now, type the McAfee Activation Product Key in the space provided to the users.
  5. At last, click the “Submit” button and follow the on-screen instructions for preceding the process of McAfee activate.

The McAfee offline product consists of a cards attached at the back of the purchased McAfee offline product known as the McAfee Retail Cards. This McAfee Retail Cards contains a link known as the activation link (like depending upon the product purchased by the users) that allows its users to install the McAfee product with all the latest updates to their device without inserting the CD to it. Along with the activation link, the McAfee Retail Card contains the 25-character activation license key known as the McAfee Activate Product key that helps the users to activate the services involved in the purchased McAfee product.

For activating the McAfee product using the McAfee Retail Cards, follow the stepwise procedure detailed below:

  1. Firstly, launch the web browser like Google Chrome on the device.
  2. After this, type the activation link (like as specified on the McAfee Retail Card) in the URL bar of the web browser and hit the “Enter” key.
  3. Now, on the activation page, fill the all the required details like users’ email address and McAfee Activation Product Key in the corresponding fields.
  4. Select the “Country” and “Language” as detailed on the McAfee Retail Cards, manually.
  5. Now, click the “Submit” button and then, click the “Verify” button.

(Important Note: Before clicking the “Verify” button, check whether all the details entered by the users are correct or not, when prompted.)

If you face any error or issue while performing the aforementioned steps of McAfee activate then, you may call the McAfee Toll Free Number.