McAfee Releases the New Anatova Ransomware to be a Serious Threat

McAfee activate keeps releasing reports about threats and data breaching techniques and so, in a recent analysis, McAfee founds a dangerous threat. It tricks you by displaying an icon of a tempting game and starts taking over your computer or mobile once you install it.

Anatova Ransomware

Threat named as Anatova Ransomware, which is a highly complex in natures and is targeting users worldwide. Anatova is breaking the traditional methods of resisting ransomware. McAfee warns users not to get tricked by the ransomware as a game on play store or your favorite gaming web site.

This new threat has the potential to turn into a serious threat since it seemed to be designed by some group of expert engineers.

McAfee found out massive troubles caused by Anatova

Countries like the U.S, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and more have already become the victim. The approach of attacking people’s computer and phones are modular. It permits new dodging tactics and develops quick-to-evolve mechanisms. Moreover, it checks for the connected network-shares and then encrypts the documents on these shares.

The lead scientist at McAfee, Christian Beek said that this new Anatova ransomware is a reworked version developed by skilled software engineers.

Unlike typical ransomware, Anatova acts sophisticated than many ordinary ransomware variants. Cyber security experts at McAfee activate discovered it to be a private peer-to-peer file sharing network. Once you download the ransomware, it auto-spreads itself and then it compiles for a cryptocurrency ransom to release it in the form of around 10 DASH coins, which currently has the estimated value of around US$700 ($978).

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